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The Idaho Falls Electricians

Looking for a skilled electrician for your Idaho Falls home or business? Arco Electric has experience ranging from large commercial projects to simple home lighting installations. Electrical work is not something you should give to just any contractor.  You can rest easy knowing your electrical needs for your home or commercial property are well taken care of. Our highly-trained and experienced team of electricians has been serving the greater Idaho Falls region for decades and we are ready to help you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Amy RomriellAmy Romriell
23:37 25 Jan 22
I highly recommend Arco Electric. We needed some electrical upgrades to our bakery which is in an old building. We were using extension cords to keep everything running and it still wasn’t enough to avoid trouble. Arco Electric came in and in a day had everything working well with new circuits everywhere we needed them. They made sure everything we needed done was addressed before leaving and wanted honest feedback about our satisfaction after the service.
20:22 28 Sep 21
They were very professional and quick with the job. The team was knowledgeable with what I needed done! Highly recommend.
Dustin AshmentDustin Ashment
18:32 21 Sep 21
Fantastic customer service.These guys really care about their customers and will go above and beyond to get you the peace of mind you're looking for.I won't trust anyone except for Arco Electric to work on my home.
Amelia SmithAmelia Smith
22:16 03 Aug 21
John with Arco Electric is absolutely incredible to work with. We had four electricians out over the course of a week working on different projects, and not only was John the most responsive, he was by far the most professional, able to troubleshoot unusual problems, and the fastest at his work. Could not recommend more highly!
Karen BakerKaren Baker
16:24 18 Jul 21
Arco Electric is my go to company for any electrical work. We live in a historic home and have a complicated system. The staff was very friendly and great to interact with. I would highly recommend them for all repairs,

Our Idaho Falls Projects

We have helped hundreds of Idaho Falls homes and businesses with their various electrical needs. Here’s a few of some of our notable projects.

Fire Station in Idaho Falls - Electrical Work by Arco Electric


Bonfire Grill - electrical contractor Idaho Falls


Idaho Falls Electricians - Maverik Gas Station


Tru by Hilton - Electrical project in Idaho Falls

Tru by Hilton - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Melaleuca Headquarters - Idaho Falls Electrical Project


Northwest Cosmetics - Idaho Falls Electrical Project


Black Canyon Middle School Gym Lighting

Ammon CAL Ranch - Arco Electric

Ammon Cal-Ranch

Our Core Values

Arco Electric recognizes that it is our customers that make us great. Our customers allow us to do what we love to do. We appreciate the trust you place in us to provide our high-quality electrical services. We strive to provide each customer with an exceptional experience and product, every time.

High Standard of Ethics & Integrity for Ourselves, Suppliers and Customers

Extensive Experience & Knowledge

Solving Complex Problems

Peace of Mind for Our Customers

Happy, Hardworking and Loyal Employees

Helping Customers Build a Product They Love

Safe Work Environment

Consistently Trained Employees



Want to update the lighting in your home or commercial property? Proper lighting allows you to have the look you want; providing functional as well as aesthetic options for your space. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of work is needed, we can help. While we are happy to bring your ideas to life, we can also check out your existing space and make recommendations for the ideal lighting for your situation.


Electricians are the professionals you want on hand when you are ready to install your security system. A qualified electrician ensures that all components of the security system work together to provide the security you need to feel safe in your home. Security for business is becoming essential for employee and customer safety. Whether you want door and window entry systems, CCTV (Closed-circuit television), or a combination of features — an electrician can help.


In today’s technology-centered homes and office spaces, you may run up against the limits of the electrical system that was installed in the initial building. Overloading the system is dangerous and rarely works for long. Save yourself the aggravation and potential hazards by having your electrical systems upgraded.

A qualified electrician, as you’ll find at Arco Electric, can upgrade your switchboard, making sure you have the electricity you need to operate.


Baseboard heating was a significantly more popular home heating method in previous decades. Several homes still have and use them as a primary heating method. Other properties will use baseboard heating as a way to control the temperature in only particular portions of the home. As with basically any portion of your home, your baseboard heating systems will need to be repaired and/or periodically replaced.


The main breaker also provides the means of shutting off power to the entire house if you need to do some major work on the system. Smaller, branch circuit breakers are used to control the flow of electricity to certain portions of the home. The breakers serve as a safety precaution if the amount of electricity being demanded becomes too great. If the breakers become faulty it could cause an irregular flow of electricity. Bad breakers put your home or property at risk in a number of ways. Our team regularly replaces, upgrades or installs panels and circuit breakers.



Emergency preparedness is on people’s minds more and more. This could be due to the rising number of natural disasters, or the recent global pandemic. One of the ways to be prepared for an emergency situation is to have a backup electrical source, also known as a standby generator. Whatever your reason for wanting to be more prepared, a generator is a huge relief if the power does go out. 

If you are looking to install an electric generator for backup power in your home or business, our team of certified technicians can do the job. Our professionals have the needed knowledge and training to make sure everything is installed safely and according to warranty guidelines. Having a generator installed properly the first time can prevent a slew of costly issues in the future. 

Arco Electric has been providing these services, including generator installation, in Idaho Falls, Idaho for years.  We have installed hundreds of home and commercial generators in businesses, homes, and schools, so you can feel confident trusting us to handle all of your power generator needs.


Solar energy offers many benefits for those who invest in this green technology in the Idaho Falls area. Solar panels are one of the easiest and most practical ways to put the power of the sun to work in generating electricity for yourself or for the grid. Either way, Arco Electric can provide the expertise you need to install solar panels suited for your property and your budget requirements. We deliver solar solutions for commercial and residential properties in Idaho Falls and all the surrounding communities.


  • Meter Replacements/Upgrades

  • Service Replacements/Upgrades

  • Troubleshoot breakers

  • Install new, replace, upgrade breakers

  • New Electrical Services

  • Install new, upgrade, change out, Receptacles (also knowns as outlets)

  • Upgrade Lighting to LED

  • Replace ballasts

  • Install new, replace, upgrade electric heaters

  • Troubleshoot Roof De-icing equipment (aka Heat Tape, Heat Trace)

  • Repair, Replace Heat Tape

  • Install New Heat Tape

  • Outdoor Power

  • Watering trough power

  • Irrigation pump power

  • Standby Generators

  • Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches

  • Solar (Inverters, Charge Controllers, Combiner Boxes, PV Modules, Ground Mounted Arrays, Battery Storage)

  • Low Voltage Cabling and Terminations (Coax, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6E)

  • Electrical Remodel

  • Outbuildings (Garages, Barns, Pergolas, Lean-to’s)

  • Storage Units

  • Vehicle Battery Chargers

  • Welder Outlet Power

  • Air Conditioning power

  • Hot Tub Spa Power

  • Pool Power

  • Time Clocks

  • Thermostats

  • Electrical Home Inspections including the use of Thermal Imaging

  • Power/Circuit Tracing (In wall, Underground)


Arco Electric provides the highest quality of electric work in Southeast Idaho. We install electric vehicle charging stations for home and business owners throughout Idaho Falls and the surrounding area. Arco Electric knows that electric vehicles are a large part of the future not just for big cities anymore, but even for Idaho Falls.

Our goal is to make owning an electric vehicle in this area an easier, more convenient task through better access to charging stations. We also recognize the impact on the environment as we decrease emissions through electric vehicles.

Idahoans are seeing electric cars on the road more and more often. There is no doubt that the world is transitioning to this new way of transportation. Many car manufacturers are saying that by the year 2030 more than half of the cars, trucks, and SUVs offered and sold will be fully electric.
A charging station is a conversion of power. The car’s battery pack has to be charged and the battery can only accept charge in a certain format. This is the purpose of a charging station.

If you already own an electric vehicle or are considering buying one, a charging station is essential. If you are a business owner, charging stations might be a good way to increase business and may soon become standard. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential installation, the professionals at Arco Electric are qualified and anxious to help you with your electric car charging station.



As an organization we recognize that it is our customers that make us great. Trust is earned and we appreciate the trust that our customers place in us to provide our high-quality electrical services. We love helping customers build a product that they can enjoy. Everything we do revolves around providing that experience.


We are a company that has strong core values, and we promise to always enforce those. We want our employees and our customers to know that we care about them and the work that we do. We strive to foster loyalty in retaining good, hardworking employees and build relationships with returning customers.

Honesty is of utmost importance to us and our team and we want our customers to feel confident in our work and ability. We want you to feel confident and safe having our team members inside of your home or business.


We have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for our employees, fellow sub-contractors, and our customers. Conducting our business in a clean, orderly way helps keep ourselves and others safe. A commitment to safety and what matters most is a core component of our employees’ training.


Without proper training and education, electrical work can be dangerous. Arco Electric values a safe work environment. This includes our well-trained employees, and we hope our knowledge will keep our customers protected from performing jobs they are not qualified for.

Problem solving and finding solutions is an important part of what we do. If it is an electrical issue, we will persist until the problem is resolved. Our combined experience gives us the advantage of knowing how to solve the problem and most likely having seen something like it before.

We deliver the highest quality of work each and every time. We thoroughly inspect our materials and choose our subcontractors carefully. We know we have the skill and ability to do the best job for our customers, but we also strive to give you the best possible service overall.

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