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Blackfoot, Idaho is a smaller residential town between Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Blackfoot residents value small town affability, and you will find those same characteristics in the Arco core values and in the professionalism of our team. Arco Electric has served southeast Idaho and the surrounding areas since 1982. We provide the highest quality work to Blackfoot for any of your residential needs no matter how small, or any large scale commercial needs you may have. Our team is highly dependable and knowledgeable and will provide you with the highest quality service. We understand that electrical emergencies happen, and because of this, our on-call staff can quickly be there to support your needs.

Why are Electricians Important?

Electrical work can be dangerous. No matter how big or small the shock may be, it is not a risk that we recommend taking if you are inexperienced. Idaho Falls electricians have 6,000 hours of schooling in order to become a journeyman electrician and perform their job duties. Electrical work needs to be done right to ensure continued safety and proper functioning of your electrical.

Do you have a home improvement project or need work done in your home? With the highly technical and detailed field of electrical work you do not want to leave the important work on your house up to chance, you want an expert. At Arco Electric all of our staff are the following:

  • Experienced

  • Committed to Safety

  • Highly Trained

  • Deliver a Customer-Centered Experience

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

What Can we do for you?

Our Blackfoot team here at Arco Electric are prepared for the biggest challenges and jobs that we can be given, and offer a wide range of services. We love working one-on-one with our friends and neighbors in your homes.

Our electricians can help you in the following ways.

Home and Lighting Upgrades

On the journey to making a house a home there are always the challenges of making your home fit your needs. Our team loves nothing more than to take the aggravation of not having what you need in your home and making that a thing of the past while also making sure that your electrical system will work safely. Some common projects are:

  • Light Fixtures

  • Adding outlets to an office, kitchen or family room

  • Upgrading systems so they aren’t overloaded by equipment or appliances

  • Switching to safer, modern outlets or adding in outlets with

    • Night lights

    • USB and USB-C ports

Security Upgrades

With the progression of technology one of the most common upgrades to homes has been the inclusion of a home security system. Our team of professionals will ease the frustrating process of installation and set up of these systems and bring your home security dreams to life. With our main goal of giving our customers peace of mind our team can install the following:

  • Motion lights

  • Door and window sensors

  • Doorbell mounted cameras

  • CCTV (closed circuit television)

  • Any combination of the above and anything else you may need

Roof Heat Cables

The weather in Blackfoot is cold and snowy for a lot of the year just like the rest of Southeast Idaho. Snow accumulating on the roof of your house can cause issues and compromise your roof and lead to leaks and damage. Heat cables are designed to help melt the snow on the roof. Installation and or repair of roof heating cables should be performed by a trained electrician. If you hate putting up your Christmas lights, you most definitely don’t want to climb on the roof to install a more technical form of cable such as this. 

Irrigation Pumps

Blackfoot is home to the potato museum as well as a whole lot of potato farmers and other farms such as wheat and sugar beets. Irrigation pumps are used by all kinds of farmers. These pumps can be complex and require installation by a trained professional. They also are often near water sources and we all know that water and electrical currents together are a risky situation to navigate. Our electricians have experience installing irrigation pumps as well as fixing electrical problems that may arise with them.

Other Jobs We Can Accomplish

  • Outdoor Power

  • Power to outbuildings, garages, gazebos and pergolas

  • Hot tub/ spa power

  • Power to AC units

  • Solar

  • Installation, repair and upgrading of roof de-icing equipment

  • Power to outdoor watering troughs or irrigation pumps

  • Low Voltage Cabling and Terminations (Coax, Cat5, Cat6, Cat6E)

  • Electrical Remodel

  • Storage Units

  • Vehicle Battery Chargers

  • Welder Outlet Power

  • So much more

This is not a comprehensive list of services. The best way to find out if we provide the help that you are in need of is to call our office.


We Aren’t Satisfied Until You Are

Why choose Arco As your Blackfoot Electrician?

We provide top quality, individualized service specializing in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. You should be particularly selective when inviting someone into your home to work. At Arco, our Blackfoot Electricians have five guiding factors that we believe put us ahead of the competition.

Customers Come First

Our team or electricians has one goal, to make the space that you envision a reality. We are dedicated to executing the visions that our customers have while simultaneously adding in their thoughts in a way that enhances the finished product. We aren’t a company that shies away from a challenge and our passion is professionally executing a vision and creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also maximizes functionality.


Many people use an electrician because they are concerned with the safety of their home and want a project done with the utmost care. Our team of highly skilled electricians understands that and conducts themselves in a professional manner that reflects that desire. Our team creates an incredibly safe work environment not only for themselves but for all of our customers during jobs placing a premium on being safe, orderly and clean.

As a company a core element of our training is making sure that the element of safety is paramount in each and every job we do no matter what the size and complexity.

High Morals

“A business is nothing without it’s customers” At Blackfoot Arco Electric we agree with that statement. We want our customers to be thrilled with the work that is being done in their homes as well as with the electricians that are doing the work. Our employees are honest, highly trained, hardworking individuals that share our passion with providing not only the best work but the best experience for those who allow us into their homes.

Experience You Can Count On

Having served the south east Idaho area for over forty years, our team is highly experienced in our field and is ready to overcome any challenges or obstacles that are presented. With one of our core values being safety, our team of electricians are well-trained and educated to handle all of our jobs in a way that keeps them safe and our customers protected before, during and after jobs.

Each home is unique and each home can present challenges that aren’t obvious from a cursory glance. Our team is adept at adapting and overcoming obstacles that can be found in our daily job. Chances are our team of electricians has seen the problem before, or if not, one similar to it. We pride ourselves on finding answers to hard problems. We won’t stop until we’ve created a solution that is done to the standard that we hold ourselves to.


Q: Should I be worried about outlets that don’t work?

A: Outlets that are not working properly can be a sign of larger problems with the electrical in your home. If an outlet isn’t working it simply means there is a failed connection somewhere. Loose wires are a common cause of outlets shorting, and loose wires are considered a dangerous fire hazard as well. If you have an outlet that doesn’t work, contact your local electrician as soon as possible. 


Q: How do I know what is tripping my circuit breaker? 

A: If you want to find out what is causing your breaker to trip, it might take some trial and error. One way to be sure you have found the problem is to unplug everything on that circuit and reset it. Wait a few minutes and start plugging items back in one by one. A common cause of a breaker tripping is if it is overloaded. Power strips are a good way to not crowd one single outlet. 


Q: How expensive would it be to charge an electric vehicle at my home? 

A: Our electricians are certified to install car charging stations at your home. Aside from the cost of the initial set-up, the cost per month to charge an EV will depend on your rate of kilowatts per hour. The average cost is $5-10 for a full charge and around $60 per month for one electric vehicle. These are all averages and will depend on electricity rates, how far and how often you travel, etc. 


Q: What are some ways to save money on my electric bill?

A:One easy way to save money on your electric bill is to use more power strips with an on/off switch and turn them off when not in use. Windows can be a drain to your bill. Old windows that are not sealed properly should be replaced. If you can, invest in a programmable thermostat that can be controlled remotely. As light bulbs burn out, replace them with high efficiency LED bulbs.

Contact The Blackfoot Arco Electric Team

We are not satisfied until you are! Good enough is not a word that exists for our team of detail-oriented electricians. At Arco Electric our goal is to make sure that each project is done to match not only our standards and goals but those of the customer as well. Call or stop by our office today. You can reach us at (208) 522-2185.


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