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A bathroom fan is without question a necessity. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a business, or anything in between, Arco Electric can help with your bathroom fan installation. Bathroom fans are essential to regulate air quality and most codes require them now.

In addition to the logistics of the fan, there is also the embarrassment factor. We’ve all been there. Imagine visiting someone’s home or business and your worst fears are realized when you walk in and there is no fan to mask the sound or the smell. You surely don’t want your friends, coworkers, or anyone else to have a front-row seat to your personal bathroom time.

Arco Electric can save you a lot of embarrassment and discomfort by installing a bathroom fan in all of the pertinent locations.

Why do I need a bathroom fan?


Aside from the obvious sound and odor factor, bathroom fans are actually an essential part of keeping a bathroom safe and to code. When you are taking a really hot, steamy shower, a fan allows the air to circulate without setting off the fire alarm. The exhaust fan works by actually removing moisture from the air. Lingering moisture can increase the risk of mold growth and can cause lasting damage to bathroom surfaces and fixtures.

In addition to controlling the amount of moisture in the bathroom, fans also help control odors from chemical cleaning products. Strong cleaners are used in these areas of the home and good ventilation is essential for safety.

The size of the fan is very important to consider. You obviously would not want to install the same size fan in a small home bathroom as you would in a large, multi-stall commercial bathroom. The fan needs to be strong enough to work properly, but it is possible for a bathroom fan to be too strong for the space and create a negative pressure.

To summarize, bathroom fans are needed for:

  • Safety

  • Code regulation

  • Air circulation

  • Removing moisture

  • Smell

  • Sound

  • Chemical ventilation

Why do I need an electrician?


Although they may seem like a small and simple project, a bathroom fan can be quite complicated to install correctly. An experienced professional needs to fit the wiring, obtain necessary permits, and run air ducts through the wall or roof. A bathroom fan installation is not a “DIY” project. Arco Electric can help with your Idaho Falls bathroom fan installation for your residential or commercial property. They have experience in all types of large and small electrical projects and can do the job quickly and accurately.


Why should I choose Arco?


Arco Electric has a team of experienced electricians that have years of combined experience. The southeast Idaho area has trusted Arco electricians for over 30 years. We have strong company values and enforce high standards for all of our employees. We aim to build loyalty with all of our customers and believe we can do the best job for all of your electrical needs. Contact us today for your Idaho Falls bathroom fan installation!


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Idaho Falls Bathroom Fan Installation Arco Electric Whether you are building a new home, remodeling a business, or anything in between, Arco Electric can help with your bathroom fan installation. Rating: 4.7 / 5 based on 18 reviews.