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Are you looking for an experienced electrician in or around Rexburg? Arco Electric is a residential and commercial electrical contractor for all your electrical needs. Call us and get a quick response from our highly trained and experienced professional electricians who will offer quality services within the scheduled time.

Our Rexburg Electricians are on standby with advanced equipment, machines, and other resources ready to attend to all of your electrical needs. It doesn’t matter the nature of your project, whether big or small; our team is vast in a diverse range of sizes of projects.

At Arco Electric, we handle everything from single outlet installation to complete house rewiring to lighting installation. We deliver our services safely, professionally, timely and ensure full compliance with all electrical codes.

Why you need an Electrician

Some homeowners may attempt to handle electrical repairs themselves to save money. Although this DIY route may save some money, generally, electrical repairs are dangerous. Besides, you may be tempted to do some home repairs yourself and risk costly damages, risk your safety, or even tamper with your home electrical system. Generally, if you aren’t an expert in electrical repairs, it is best to contact a professional electrician. The following are reasons you need a professional electrician.


Mostly, you need a professional electrician for your safety and that of your family and house. Dealing with electricity requires safety training, experience, and equipment, qualities only professional electricians have. Electrical accidents can be life-threatening, and you’ll not only be risking your safety but also create long-term safety hazards to your facility or home.


Often, we fix a home electrical system only to discover the issue is just one of the symptoms of a much larger problem. Unless you’re an expert, it may be difficult to pinpoint the specific problems within your electrical system; you need an experienced and professional electrician for the correct diagnosis.

Time and Money

A majority of homeowners who try to fix electrical repairs themselves end up calling expert electricians. Often, they fail to fix the problem and make it more complicated to work on. They end up realizing they should’ve contracted an expert electrician in the first place. Save yourself the hassle of wasting your time trying to figure out what the issue is.

Peace of Mind

Working with a professional electrician provides peace of mind in the long run. A professional electrician will identify and fix all the problems in your home electrical system while ensuring safety.

Services offered at Arco Electric

At Rexburg Electricians, we offer a wide range of services in electrical repairs and installations for your home and business, including the following:

Home Lighting

The skills and experience of our Rexburg Electrician will ensure professional home lighting installation. We understand that a proper lighting system is a major component of your home. As such, our services will ensure your home lighting system is well taken care of for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Our team provides electrical services in different types of home lighting, including ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. If you contact us, our team will ensure proper:

  • Residential lighting installation

  • Landscape lighting

  • Indoor and outdoor residential lighting services

  • Holiday lighting

  • Residential lighting inspections and maintenance

Solar Panels

The Rexburg Electricians is a team with immense talents in matters of solar panel installation. The team will ensure you benefit from what solar energy offers within your budget and the specific requirements of your property. Our team has the expertise and skill; you don’t have to worry about solar solutions on your residential or commercial properties. Our services also include:

  • Consultation on solar panel solutions

  • Design solar panel systems with your approval

  • Apply and obtain all the necessary solar solutions on your behalf

  • Installation of solar solutions

  • Inspection of your installed solar panel system to ensure it functions properly

Generator Installation

Rexburg Electricians are here for you if you need generator installation for emergency preparedness in case of blackouts. Our team ensures the generator installations are safe, timely, and within the warranty guidelines. We’ve been installing generator systems for years. You can trust us to install any type of generator, whether residential, commercial, diesel-powered, liquid propane, standby generator, gas-powered, or emergency backup generators. Once installed, your generator will:

  • Automatically switch on during an outage

  • More power than a portable generator

  • Simple to run and maintain

  • Maintain comfort during winter storms and heat waves

  • Powers refrigerators, medical devices, etc.

Electric Car Charging Installation

Our team provides the industry’s best quality vehicle charging stations for home and business owners in and around Rexburg. We understand that electric vehicles are the future, and our goal is to ensure owning an electric vehicle is easier and more convenient with better access to quality charging systems. Rexburg Electricians will make sure your electric car never runs out of power because of inaccessibility to a car charging station.

Bathroom Fan Installation

We understand the value of quality bathroom fans to our clients. Rexburg Electricians will help with your bathroom fan installation, whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your business, or anything in-between. Our team will ensure your bathroom fan performs its essential functions, including:

  • Safety

  • Air circulation

  • Chemical ventilation

  • Code regulation

  • Smell and sound


We Aren’t Satisfied Until You Are

Why Rexburg Electricians

We’re trusted and experienced electrical contractors in Rexburg and the surrounding areas. We’re a well-respected brand with three decades of experience in electrical repairs and installations.

Rexburg Electricians operate within the strong values and standards of safety, efficiency, loyalty, quality, and promptness. We aim to ensure you have a well-functioning and durable residential or commercial electrical system. Call us today for the best electrical repairs and installation experience.

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Good enough is not a word that exists for our team of detail-oriented electricians. At Arco Electric our goal is to make sure that each project is done to match not only our standards and goals but those of the customer as well. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming electrical project or for help with an electrical emergency. Call or stop by our office today. You can reach us at (208) 522-2185.


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